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  • Ulunda Baker

Speak positively over yourself more

Can we chat a moment this evening about something? 👀

I’m getting ready to go into my office for the first time since starting my new role at work. I started last year and have yet to be in the office physically.

For years, I worked remote and would travel as needed. So this having an office is going to take some getting used too. Now I’m more local and not much travel other than to the local office. So I want to connect in person when I can. Today I got my badge in the mail and I freaked out. 😳

-I’m stressing about what I’ll wear

-I’m stressing about will they judge me for my size

-I’m stressing about will I physically fit into the culture, because working remote and online makes it so much easier to fit in

- What happens when they see my blemishes up close?

So many negative thoughts creeped into my mind today. I finally had to shake myself by my own shoulders and say, “Woman! You got hired based on what you can do and your qualifications not your size or the way you look!”

Duh! Right?!

Isn’t it crazy how we will talk ourselves out of things, even things we already have?

Do you struggle with that? Not letting yourself experience what you deserve because you don’t think you’re good enough?

I’m going to work on this by starting with saying, “Next week I’m going into the office for the first time. If they thought I was amazing on Zoom. Wait until I show up in person?!” 💜🙌🏽

Speak positively over yourself more! You deserve it and have earned it.

- Ulunda 💕

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