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  • Ulunda Baker

I'm Alright!

Let me tell you a little secret. I don’t do mirrors. I have always avoided them. Mainly because growing up the reflection I saw didn’t seem like much to me or even to the world around me at times. Today, at 36 years old I walked passed this mirror and thought to myself.

"You’re alright girl! You’re alright girl!" I stood there for a solid 35 seconds chanting. 😉

I am finally feeling like a woman who knows she’s filled with plenty of imperfections but also filled with so much desire to meet God’s best. And HIS best isn’t measured up in how fat I am, black I am, poor I am, blemished I am, twisted face (thanks Bells Palsy x2), smart I am or any other lack of I AM I want to crown myself with.

It’s taken me 30 years to know exactly who I am. I serve, I love, I pray, I uplift, and I am HIS. And as long as I remember that, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says. Knowing that is enough. 💕

🗣 Folks, Look yourself in a mirror today and say: You’re alright! Because you are.

-- Ulunda 💕


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